• All kind of portraiture, including business photography and glamour makeover
  • Business photography and social media/website content
  • Themed photoshoots, sometimes with a twist
  • Annual Halloween photoshoots
  • Events and Festivals
  • My glam rock band – Jo Jo and the Teeth
  • Family events and photography
  • Weddings
  • Documentary photography
  • Properties and interiors
  • Exhibitions

Portraits – themed, classic, studio, outdoors, moody or bright, with digital backgrounds and natural – you name it. Be creative, share your ideas and I will help you to achieve what you want.


Offers start from £255 (doesn’t apply to business photography and glamour makeovers) with 15 fully edited photos.

Glamour photoshoots with makeover

Offers start from £495 (snakes not included) with 20 fully edited photos.

Glamour photoshoots with makeover and snakes

Offers start from £595 with 20 fully edited photos

Business photography

Offers start from £495 with 18 fully edited photos

Business photography and social media/website content – I worked with different companies and self employed on their new content. You can also combine business portraits with your website content. Check the Business offers from the menu and ask for more.

Themed photoshoots – including Gatsby style photoshoot promoting a nightclub, Victorian era photoshoot with a twist and Geisha style photography promoting business with costumes. It’s always fun to be involved in such projects, because you can unleash your creativity and you link with other creatives.

Annual Halloween photoshoots – Every year I organise photoshoots with Halloween theme. It can be a studio photography with photoshopped digital backgrounds, horns etc. Or a visit to cemetery, woods and other kind of themed locations. NEW! Halloween photoshoots with snakes.

Events and festivals – Whatever it is a business event, charity event, local or big festival, I am the right person to be your photographer. I will cover half of the day or full day, will edit all of the photos and deliver them in social media and high resolution size.

My band Jo Jo and the Teeth – For nearly three years I am the official photographer of glam rock band Jo Jo and the Teeth. The band lives in London and I am travelling there regularly. I photograph them on the stage, backstage and my photography is used for the marketing purpose, CD covers, posters. My photography was featured in magazines and many online articles.

Family events and photography – Family photography is one of the most rewarding jobs, because you are taking a part in capturing those treasure moments for others, and your photography last probably forever. Just imagine, my photos taken for you will be still appreciated in 50 or even 100 years time. Also, having ”special” customers like an 88 years old nan booked for her first professional photoshoot ever and with me, is a unique experience and privilege.

Weddings – I recently upgraded my services by wedding photography. If you are looking for a photographer to capture your special day in documentary style photography, using mostly natural light, being creative when needed and capturing THAT candid moments of you and your family, so you can talk about them for years, I am the perfect person to be a part of it.

Wedding photography

Ceremony coverage starts from £699 and full day coverage starts from £1299. Separate offers for smaller events up to 20 guests available as well.

Documentary photography – I had been commissioned to be a part of projects funded by the National Heritage Lottery, local charities and authorities. I would like to introduce the project ”Tackling Loneliness among elderly people” run by Reality Theatre and Entertainment company. People who participated were residents of one of Newport’s residential homes. Photography was about capturing natural emotions and face expressions during rehearsal about being lonely as an older person.

Properties and interiors – My property photography is mostly about capturing the interiors from interesting perspective and angles. I use different lenses to be creative, because yes, this photography can be also creative if you are a B&B or hotel owner, if you run a beautiful shop etc. Photography is a very important marketing tool and it’s all about catching attention of your potential customers in a matter of seconds.

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