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My name is Kamila and I am a professional photographer living in Newport South Wales. I photograph people, specialise in events, festivals and documentary style photography. I love photographing musicians the most and being part of local community projects. I find inspiration mostly in people and history/architecture. I can apply different techniques to a variety of subjects.  I worked permanently with Newport Market for many months, photographing it’s everyday life, visitors and traders. I was an official sponsor of the first Newport’s Tedx event. My work was recognised by local media Like South Wales Argus and Wales Online, but also by BBC Wales and BBC Wales radio. I am working currently on projects about mental health, homelessness and many more.




Women of Newport

I’m a photographer behind successful project ”Women of Newport”. http://www.womenofnewport.co.uk

Empowered women, empower women” .“Women of Newport” is about showing and celebrating wonderful women in our city – their  success, passions, commitment and inspiring work. Women of art, creative minds , writers, women of business, those who make a difference , musicians and many more.The exhibition is also about making physical connections between women’s networks in Newport, so we can work together and help each other, make new collaborations or partnerships. Women helping women – because sometimes by doing something together we can achieve more. 

Build your own unique portrait portfolio with us

We specialise in different kind of portraits – simple, creative, colour or black and white, themed portraits (I was involved in Gatsby, Geisha and Victorian style photo session). If you looking for a something more unique, we can work on your one in a kind photo session. Check also the full Portrait Gallery in the main MENU

Let us photograph the ones you love the most

I photograph families indoor and outdoor, including mini studio sessions at my customer’s home. If you would like to have beautiful naturally captured moments, so you can cherish them for many years to come, I am here to help. Contact us to find out more.

More of our work

We support local communities

We permanently work with charities like Our Chartist Heritage, Newport Rising, Reality Theatre & Entertainment, Polish Saturday School in Newport

We support local music scene

We support local artists and collaborate with them to highlight booming music scene in Newport.

We photograph sport events

We photographed wrestling events on different occasions and local football games. Also football training sessions and kickboxing sessions

We offer variety of photography services including interiors, brands, events, festivals, portraits and more

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We treat each customer uniquely. We would love to help you with you project or help you with your business to make it stand out and be more competitive. Contact us and we will give you your personal quote.

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